What Is The Best Gift For 6 Year Old Boy


You’re probably looking for an interactive and fun toy for your 6-year-old son. There are a few toys in the market that combines learning and fun. One of those few toys is the Beaker Creatures® Liquid Reactor Super Lab, a unique and engaging science-themed toy.

Beaker Creatures® Liquid Reactor Super Lab

How it works


The goal is to extract the creature from its hiding chamber and count its eyes. To get the creature, the child places a pod – which resembles a bath bomb – in the kit’s central chamber. He then fills the syringes and the beakers with water. Read also 7 best bath boat toys for kids.


After filling the syringes and beakers, he proceeds to press the plungers which serve to empty the syringes, causing the central pod to fizzle and dissolve before revealing the creature.

But he must open the chamber with a pair of tongs to reveal the creature hidden in a plastic blister.

With the creature in his hands, the child takes the classification card and fills it with information concerning the number of arms and eyes on the creature. There has been no better way of learning classification.

How many collectible creatures are available?

Little boy is playing

Beaker creatures total to 30 and are broken down into five families. An additional five limited edition creatures may accompany the kit. A guide is provided on how to identify the creatures and their names – Funtastic Toy!


It one of the most interactive fun games for 6-year-olds out there

It is educational and entertaining

It is easy to play

30 creatures mean the child has to make 30 different classifications several times


It comes with a instructions guide that can be quite hard to interpret to a 6-year-old.The ingredients are few and shallow; more ingredients would be better

Bottom line

This is the best game to gift your 6-year-old son during the festive season. Not only will it help him grasp classification skills, but it will also provide an entertaining and fun alternative to TV cartoons.