Why Do People Enjoy Escape Rooms


Escape rooms seem to be not just an indulgence of me and you but top celebrities as well. We all remember when Barack Obama, former US president, took his daughters for an escape room outing back in 2016 and made it out with just twelve seconds to spare. Why can’t people get enough of this thrilling activity?

1. They challenge us


People are always out for challenges when bored. Escape rooms are intellectual, puzzling, emotional roller-coasters, and serve to push people to the limit. The intensity in this challenge makes people discover their best sides. By the time the participants walk out of the room, they would’ve certainly learned something.

2. Time flies when we’re having fun

The adrenaline rush induced by the challenging games in the escape room keeps, especially when you realize that the whole activity is timed, makes time fly faster.

1 hour quickly turns to 30 minutes then 15 minutes then 5 minutes. This makes escape rooms a preferred option for people looking for a way to pass time.

3. People love to be part of a story they’ve only seen on television shows


Celebrities have sort of popularized escape rooms; Chris Evans, Kristen Bell, Meave Kalstrom have featured in TV shows with escape room themes. The popularity of room escape has made more people want to be part of what they only see on the screen.

4. Escape rooms offer a unique

There are a few fun activities you can go out to do as group and escape rooms are part of that. One of the reasons why people enjoy escape rooms is the unique experience offered.

You are allowed to go back in time and explore your youthful self by solving puzzles, hunting for treasures, and engaging in an array of mind games.

Over 70 percent of millennials cite a live experience or event as their best memories. Events such an escape room outing is one of the most recommended adventure activities among millennials and generation X.